Oakley is a very sweet, small to medium sized, Beagle X possibly Jack Russell Terrier. He was originally surrendered to the Sanctuary due to his previous owner not being able to give him the time and attention he required. He was recently re-homed but was returned due to a change in working hours and his very high energy levels. Oakley is typical of his breed and is a little livewire and is a very lively, bouncy, energetic lad who loves to expend his energy by running around and playing with his toys! We are looking for a very active home for Oakley with lots of daily exercise, walks and playtime; he would ideally suit somebody who loves running and long walks and can provide him with constant stimulation on a daily basis. People who have previously owned Beagles would be particularly suitable for Oakley! We would also like somebody to be around for the majority of the day in order to give him one to one attention and training. He is friendly, loves his fuss and attention and is a loving, affectionate young boy! He is an intelligent dog who knows sit, paw and stay but does need work on his recall as he follows his nose! He must attend professional training classes as this would provide him with stimulation and also socialisation with other dogs as well as improving his basic obedience. He also gets very excited when going for a walk and does pull on the lead so professional training will improve his lead walking, overall commands and increase the bond with his new owner. Oakley is good with dogs and would be able to live with another dog of a similar temperament in his new home following a successful meet at the Sanctuary; he is very boisterous with dogs so any dog should be tolerant of his lively nature. Oakley wouldn’t be able to live with cats or small animals as he is overly interested in them and would like to chase them. Oakley has lived with children in his previous home and would be able to live with older children who are used to lively dogs, preferably with experience of terrier temperaments. He is such a gorgeous, lovable boy who has so much potential and love to give to someone who has time, patience and committment! If you feel you could offer Oakley a loving, forever home with time and committment, please come to the Sanctuary and meet him.

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