AGE: estimated at around 1years old


GOOD WITH CHILDREN: She lived with children prior to coming into Glendee. She is lively but very sweet.

GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: She gets on with other dogs and could live with other dogs, she is vocal when out on walks and would be classed as a frustrated greeter, keen to meet and play.

GOOD WITH CATS: She is unlikely to be able to live with cats

IDEAL HOME: She would suit many homes. She can be left for up to 2 hours on her own as long as she has had a walk. She does need someone at home for most of the day at the moment.

FEEDING: She likes lots of food but we feed her a raw Diet, Barking Heads or Royal Canin

HEALTH: She is in good health.

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: She is not house trained. As above, she is a frustrated greeter and vocal on walks, typical of her breed she is strong on the lead at the moment and will continue with her training whilst with us. She suffered with separation anxiety in her previous home, due to lots of changes, she was quite stressed, which is how she came to find a place at Glendee, in the right home, she will settle with our support and some commitment to the training to give her more confidence.

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