• Ollie is young saluki x boy of around 1 year old who is 25 inches to the shoulder.
  • He is a total cuddle monster – VERY affectionate
  • He is also very intelligent in only 2 weeks – he has already learnt 6 new commands!
  • Ollie will make a great family pet – a loving and fun young dog with no hang ups – he just needs a family to show him how to fit in. He may be a bit bouncy for very young children but would be fine with kids of 8 and older.
  • He lives with dogs of all sizes at the moment including very small ones and has settled in well with them.  He’s very playful and happily zoomies around the garden with the larger dogs.  He shows no signs of aggression or fear reactivity. He will back away if told of by the other dogs if he gets to enthusiastic and will happily share the sofas with the other dogs.
  • He would benefit from having another dog to keep him company as he really settles well when the other dogs are about and learns from them. He’s not keen being on his own and will bark and cry.
  • Ollie is in the process of being crate trained and sleeps in a crate at night but likes someone nearby for company.
  • He is totally house trained and will ask to go out – he will also go on command.
  • Ideally he needs someone around most of the time while he settles in – he is showing potential that he will be happy being left if time is built up gradually and he can be left for about an hour with a kong or chew to keep him busy. Its only been a few weeks since he arrived so this will improve as he settles in a new home.
  • He has been happy to go to work with his foster carer and settles happily in her shop for the day.
  • Ollie will need a 6ft fence – he has the saluki ability to jump very high!
  • He is starting to learn recall in the garden but can still get distracted.
  • Ollie does have prey drive and we would not home him with a cat – he may likely want to chase small furry animals.
  • He shows no food aggression or resource guarding – will happily eat his dinner alongside the other dogs.
  • He can bark and pull a bit when he sees dogs in the park but only because he wants to meet them and be friends!
  • Ollie will pull a bit on lead at first or if he sees something of interest but calms down after a while and improving daily.
  • He’s keen to please and is adorable and will be a very easy dog once he has settled and had some more training.
  • Ollie is in foster near Abergavenny, South Wales.


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