Meet Otis.  He would suit many homes. He would benefit from a kind and understanding home that has plenty of love to give him. As with most staffies, he adores people and can be quite excited when meeting new people but manages to really keep it all together surprisingly and he literally wiggles his whole body when he sees people that he knows.

GOOD WITH CHILDREN: We do not have any history on him but he is a very friendly boy, we wil continue with assessments but our current guideline is for children over 10, he is so friendly that he may well knock over smaller children but not with any malice in him, we are going to be assessing him around younger children over the next few weeks.

GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: When he arrived, he had recently been taken in having been found tied up to a post and abandoned, he is quite anxious out walking and tends to be a bit over excited at the moment, he is likely to be ok living with another female subject to introductions. This is as far as we have got with his current assessments. He is just taking time to relax and trust that he is loved and not going to be abandoned again. This can leave these dogs with some worries. He is a very loving dog and wants to be with you and HE LOVES FOOD A LOT!

GOOD WITH CATS: He hasn’t been tested around cats yet, we will look at this at a later date and happy to assess if you have a cat and want to see if he can.

MORE INFORMATION: As above, he was abandoned and picked up as a stray, he was never claimed.

FEEDING: He likes lots of food but we feed her a raw Diet, Barking Heads or Royal Canin

HEALTH: He is in fine health!

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