Ozzie @ForeverHoundsUK is a super cute Lurcher boy who was rescued from the pound.
Age: Around a year old
Height: 24 inches to the shoulder
Other breed’s friendly: Definitely
Shih Tzu on lead test: Passed with flying colours
Other animals: Didn’t seem fazed by the sheep, goats and horses we walked past.
Child test: Passed our 5 year old test with flying colours and quite happy to be near other children out on walks
Walking on lead: Walks beautifully but is a puppy so needs some more training
New Home: We think Ozzie would love a home with another dog, he is still only a baby really and doesn’t like to be left behind at the back on walks so will have a little ‘your leaving me cry’.
Ozzie is such a blank canvas and really willing to learn so would love a home to help him learn about home life, and to train (like you would with all puppy’s and youngsters and any dog!) He will need a kind, consistent home which is prepared to teach him what is expected of him and he will repay you ten fold with the BEST cuddles ever!
An absolutely awesome boy with so much potential and the softest fur for cuddling into : )
Ozzie will be ready for homing from the 2nd January

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