Patch is an intelligent and active young boy who is looking for an equally active family that will enjoy exercising this handsome little chap.  Patch will not just need exercise, he will require a lot of mental stimulation to prevent him from becoming bored.  This will also help him bond with his new owner.

Patch would benefit from attending training classes for reactive dogs.  Some dogs he is okay with, whilst others he dislikes.

Patch already has some basic training and knows a variety of commands; however Patch still needs some work on his re-call as it can be a little hit and miss.

Patch loves his food and is motivated by treats; however Patch has an intolerance to chicken and all chicken based products, so we are feeding Patch on a grain free food and ensure that his treats are free from chicken/chicken products.

In the home, Patch would benefit from a safe area, such as a crate or hidey-hole that he can retreat too should the house hold become too busy for him.

In the right home, Patch will make a fun, active and loving companion.

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