Pat arrived at @MakantsGreys in early summer last year. He was an extremely nervous boy initially, especially around people. It was a major task even to coax him out of his kennel and Siobhan spent a great deal of time with him gaining his trust.

Heather, who is a regular walker, has also been integral to his rehabilitation, and has built a trusting and loving relationship with him. In fact, it is wonderful now to see him wag his tail when either Siobhan or Heather approaches him.

These days Pat will happily play and loves cuddles from the people he has grown to know and trust. He has gained in confidence when out walking and meeting people and he has become a well‑known character at the kennels. He gets on well with all of the other kennel dogs, often enjoying their company walking alongside them.

Although Pat’s confidence is improving by the day, he still remains wary of new people and certain everyday situations. He would need a very patient adopter who would take things slowly, and at his pace. Any prospective adopters would need to be prepared to make as many visits to kennels as is required, in order to build up a strong relationship with him prior to any re-homing.

As much as we would love to keep him in kennels Pat does now need to go out into the world. We are looking for someone very special to help him become the fantastic pet that he has the potential to be. When that day comes there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

If you would like to find out more about Pat please contact either Sue our re-homing co-ordinator on 07794463249 or Siobhan at kennels on 07960561988

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