Payton arrived with us a stray so unfortunately we have no previous history. Judging by her undercarriage it looks like she has a fair few litters bless her.
She is a medium size dog, very laid back with a great temperament. She is getting the hang of walking on the lead but she will sit down and decide she doesn’t want to move anywhere! This is mainly to enable her to have more cuddles!! With a little encouragement these episodes are decreasing so hopefully in time it will be a thing of the past and she will learn to love her walks as much as she loves a fuss!!! This little lady is very people orientated and as such has become a favourite here with our team of voluteer walkers- Payton know how to steal your heart, that’s for sure 🙂
 Off the lead in the playpen, she will have a mooch about but much prefers to be with her human.  We don’t think that this poor girl has had much opportunity to play as she doesn’t know what to do with toys as yet. Life for this gorgeous girl is mostly about the cuddles!!
She will make a great all round pet; good with other dogs and is clean in her kennel.
Not cat tested and no children under 5 years.
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