Little Pip is possibly a Yorkie X, she has had a hard life, she was found living with a hoarder. She was taken into a rescue in Spain where she is from.

They realised she had problems with her eyes and she couldn’t see very well. She had some treatment, but due to having dry eye ( not able to produce enough tears) her eyes had got dry and had scratches on them. The scratches are permanent and blocking her vision, so she is about 90% blind.

She will need on going gel putting in her eyes four times a day and drops every so often. At the moment she is very scared after coming to the UK.

Even with only 10% of her sight remaining Pip is still curious about the world around. As she becomes more adjusted into a new home she will show even more of her true character.

Anyone interested in adopting her needs to take a lot of things into consideration such as stairs or steps in and entering the house.

Pip may be able to live with a small dog or cat, she finds bigger dogs scary as she can’t see them; but seems better with those similar in size to her.

Pip finds children too noisy and very scary so would suit an adult home only.

Pip is 5 years old and around 10-12 inches at her should

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