Robie @AllDogsMatter is an absolute little darling, who we feel is about 12 years old or so but obviously it is a guess. Robie only wants one thing in his life and that is to be loved. He has made many friends at kennels in the short period of time he has been here. He had some extensive work done at the dentist and was good as gold, he is now ready to be adopted.

The vet thinks he may be a little deaf, but it is not stopping our little trooper from getting on with his happy life. We know how much he will appreciate his own family and a warm bed to call his own. Because of his age we would not place Robie with children as a quieter home is what will make him happy.

Robie is a very cute dog, but please be aware that he has never lived in a home, he would have lived in someone’s yard if indeed he belonged to someone for a time in Romania, but he is not house trained, he knows nothing of our lives and requires a family who will be prepared to be patient and teach him how to live in a home. Please get in touch if this golden oldie touches your heart and you feel you are prepared to train him and help him integrate in your life.

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