Hey I’m ‘Rise and Shine Roxy’ a real bouncy and outgoing girl who loves life! I am very sociable and love to meet humans, especially if they have yummy treats. I am a little reserved around dogs but hopefully with confidence building I can make some friends. I would describe myself as a loveable bear; I enjoy cuddles, sofa time and being involved in everything! I can forget the size I am and think I can squeeze through doors at the same time as you but I’m just so eager to explore and go out playing!

I love travelling and would make a great holiday companion. I am a busy bee so would certainly need a very active home with lots of time and stimulation. I am always on the go, making me a strong walker and I love to be centre of attention. My dream home would be out in the Peak District with all that land and being around teenage children would be great as we could enjoy adventures together. As my confidence is growing I may consider living with another canine friend but no cats or small animals sadly.

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