Roxy has some basic commands, she is a typical mali which is bouncy and eager to please, so will need an owner which is familiar with this breed which is willing to put the time and patience in – a Malinois shepherd is NOT the same as a german shepherd.
Notes on how the dog reacts to dogs:  Would suit a home with either a submissive male or where roxy can get to know another dog slowly before living together – she is interested in other dogs more curious than aggressive. so we would suggest more socialising with other dogs and building on this before allowing her to live with another dog.
Notes on how the dog reacts to cats:  We would suggest a cat free home.
How the dog reacts to people in general and strangers:  Roxy is a lovely bouncy malinois shepherd, full of energy and determiation.She does jump up and bounce about when meetin people but there is no aggression in her at all, she needs firm handling (NOT BEING SMACKED JUST CORRECTED with positive rewards) she loves toys and her treats, so this will be a great training aid to get her upto speed on commands, and walking on the lead.
How the dog reacts to children / limitations with children: Our rehoming policy when a dog has been found as a stray is rehoming with children 9-12yrs onwards or preferably with no children.
Grooming experience:  Roxy will need to be groomed when rehomed – she has a lovely short coat and does not seem phased by a brush
Current Location of Dog:


 In kennels – South Yorkshire Area
Medical History/Current medical issues:  


Flea’d Due

Wormer Due


Transporting/Riding in a car:  No issues – settles down
Assessors Notes:  This young girl came into rescue as a stray – she had recently had a litter and then thrown out by the owner, (as we traced the owner who did not want her anymore) she is an adorable fun loving girl which will enjoy a new home, with plenty of activities to be doing and getting involved in. must be malinois experienced as they are high energy and attitude totally different to an average german shepherd – please do not let a pretty face fool you
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