Poor old Ru came to YRDR in a very sorry state.  Despite this he is a truly lovely boy and will reward his new owner with loyalty and love. He is calm and gentle in the home and around our dogs and loves his walks. He has not been tested off lead as yet. I don’t think he is used to walking on lead and can pull in excitement, he is quite strong. A harness works well. Ru is extremly clean and house trained. He eats well and needs to put on some more weight as he came to us very underweight with worms and fleas. He is all clear now. We have 3 small dogs who can be lively pests and Ru is totally fine with them. No sign at all of aggression, he even lets the Westie eat some of his food. Ru sleeps well and doesn’t  wander in the night. I put him in a crate if I go out and he’s fine with that. Ru has a lot of love to give and he will be a good, loyal friend to the right owner. If I didn’t have 3 dogs already Id keep him myself.<hr />

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