Sam is a handsome lad and once in a home having some regular grooming he will look a real stunner. He has the personality to match too, a sweet and gentle lad who enjoys affection. Sam will make a loyal and loving dog.

Volunteers view from Amy: Sam got into the back of the car OK and settled well. On the way back to the kennels he stood up for a short while in the car but I think he was just checking out where we were heading.

Whilst out Sam walked like a dream on the lead. On the rural walk, Sam showed no interest in the birds. In the nearby town, we saw small yappy dogs and Sam was anxious but ignored them and just needed a bit of reassurance. Overall Sam is a lovely kind dog and loved affection.

Volunteer’s view from Pam: Sam introduced himself to me the first time I saw him through a fence. VERY friendly but not in your face. Waggy tail. Waits nicely for the lead to be put on. Walks beautifully. Great little man.

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