Hey Sandra Dee here looking for her Danny Zuko. Sweet natured with a lot of love to give I have slotted in well at the Centre. I am always humming away to myself, enjoying cuddles and massages from the staff. I find being spoken to in a ’silly’ tone quite endearing and reminds me of my youth when this body loved being active. Don’t get me wrong there is still life left in this old girl but I am ready now to settle down and find that owner who immediately picks me out and says ’you’re the one that I want!’

I am a real chatter box when I get going and do love a good pamper and have started to have lie ins! Once you find that perfect soft bed it is hard to get out of it at my age. I would be quite happy sharing it with that special one on those cold nights when those ‘chills are multiplying’ or give me some older teenage children who I could snuggle up to.

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