Poor Scott was given into a dog pound for rehoming because he was “surplus to requirements” on the farm where he had lived a rather miserable and loveless life. He had never received any training, so was apparently no use as a working dog, and was not wanted as a pet, so he was just discarded. He doesn’t know much about the world, but is very willing to learn! And although he has never received any love, he has lots to give! But he is a bit of a “blank canvas” dog, so we would like to rehome him with a previous or existing dog owner who will be able to bring him on, and bring out the smart, happy dog that he really is. He has some catching up to do in the doggy lifeskills department, bless him. Scott is friendly with children, but we feel his needs will be best met in an adult household. He is good with other dogs, unknown with cats, but trainable. He will need lots of love and cuddles, which he is ready to return many times over, and company most of the time.

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