Shadow is quite a character and full of energy with a very boisterous nature. He is very food, toy and play orientated but needs to be kept a close eye on when playing as given his puppy and boisterous nature Shadow will play all day long and hasn’t realised when other dogs have had enough of play time. He just loves a good belly rubs and a fuss. He has been one of the few that was very lucky to have a foster home for over the festive period and the feedback was great! Shadow was very good around the children and played with the families dog but this was monitored and Shadow was given time outs on occasion purely down to Shadow becoming boisterous. Also fed back that Shadow is a very active dog who requires lengthy walks and mental stimulation to help reduce his energy levels and that even though Shadow is dog friendly just given he’s very play oriented that it would probably be best for Shadow to be the only pet in home.

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