Skip has been sadly returned to us as he has found some aspects of home life difficult. Although originally rehomed to us after an illness in the family, we have since discovered that although Skip is an angel in the home, he does struggle with outside situations. Traffic, other dogs, joggers etc all make him very nervous and he will react particularly on the lead which can make walking him difficult. Sadly he loves to go out and where he was living was not ideal to be able to avoid all these things. We would like Skip to go to a rural environment where he will face limited exposure to these things, but a lovely home with lots of company and a nice garden would be wonderful as he has so much love to give. He is used to children but prefers calmer older kids plus he can bit a bit protective over his ball because he loves it so much! Skip does have a Heart Murmur which currently needs no medication, and he still lives a full and happy life and will just need a check up every few years and should be exercised normally.

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