Hello, my name is Sky and I am a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier born in 2007. I have come into Heaven’s Gate as my previous owners circumstances changed and there was no one else to care for me.

I am a sociable lady, incredibly affectionate and very comfortable being handled by people. I can become quite demanding of your attention and need to work on some self control! I really enjoy a run around off lead and when I am not distracted my recall is good! My basic training is ok… but with your help I would certainly benefit from learning much more. I am absolutely love my food, to the point where I can can be quite vocal, when there are snacks around!

I can get over excited and jump up at you for attention, so a family where everyone in the household is over the age of 12 and is used to dogs is a must. I could possibly live with a older, calm male dog, depending on how we get along here at the centre first.

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