Snooze is a 3 year old ex-breeding Westie who has sadly been returned again. She is a very unique dog who originally came from a large breeding establishment where we feel she may have been attacked by another dogs, although this is supposition from us. She can be fully relaxed and then may snap out of the blue or shut down completely. We are not sure why this is but she is clearly very haunted and needs a home where she is not pushed out of her comfort zone.  She is not an easy dog to take on, she is consumed by fear and will exhibit unwanted behaviour because of this. We will not give up on her and we firmly believe there is a home out there with an experienced person who will accept Snooze as she is, enjoy her when she is on top form and guide and manager her when she is difficult. We feel she could live with a larger dog, although she would initially be worried about it. We realise it could take time for Snooze to find a home but we will take as long as she needs.

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