Socks was a cruelty case, and has been in foster prior to coming to DBARC. He is a very handsome and clever dog, but has had a tough start to his life, so will need all the training and care that any young dog requires, but will also need kindess and understanding, and for this reason we would not wish to place him with children under 12 years, or with a first-time dog owner. The following information is from his fosterer: “Socks was born on the 1st December 2015. He is a mixed terrier breed and was badly treated along with 2 other dogs of mixed breed as well. He was taken into care and given to a foster parent temporarily. He was so frightened he was the last to venture out of the carrier cage he was travelling in, but has come out of himself with love and patience. He is a very active 1 year old male and needs a lot of exercise so would suit an active family. Preferable with older children. He is totally house trained. He does not like to enter a small room with the other exit or entrance door closed so may still remember being maltreated or locked up. The following was wrtiten by my son Oliver, who is 13 and very close to Socks. This is what he wrote…. “Socks is very cuddly, he loves to play and loves to be around people. He looks like an old soul but is very young. He is 1 year old. He loves to play with footballs and tennis balls, he loves running, tug oF war and being played with. He loves company and will need someone around most of the time. He deserves the most love in the entire world and he needs lots of space to run around and to be taken for a walk 3 times a day. Please take care of him him and the main things I ask is to send me photos as often as you can and please keep the name ‘Socks’ He has a large bed which he sleeps inside the house in and likes to snuggle up to his blankets and toys. He’s an inquisitive dog and on walks likes to look over walls and into hedges etc. He cannot as yet be allowed off his lead as he tends to run off to play and has yet to be trained to return. He is wary of other walkers and will hesitate when walking towards them. He will stay when told, especially when traffic is approaching. Just needs a little more training and patience.”

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