Sol is such a gentle soul. He adores the attention from people and takes everything in his stride. Once he’s comfortable around you, Sol has a really playful side to him. He is almost completely deaf and blind.

Sol was a Spanish street dog before he was rescued by another charity and brought over to the UK, where he found his way to OAS. He is almost completely deaf and blind (likely to be caused by inbreeding) however he doesn’t let this affect him. Sol loves cuddles and fuss, and his gentle giant nature makes him a pleasure to be around. He doesn’t know how to play with toys but has great human interaction. He absolutely loves to lay out on a duvet and lap up all the attention he can get. He can get a little over excited when playing so isn’t suited to living with young children due to his size. Because Sol is hard of sight and hearing, he does spook easily if approached suddenly so new owners will need to be aware of this, and adapt how they move around him accordingly. He would also benefit from living in a fairly-spacious or open plan house with a large garden with no steps so he can get his bearings more easily. He does occasionally walk into things and struggles judging doorways and obstacles. Being an ex-street dog Sol has very good dog interaction skills. He is a little wary of smaller dogs as he struggles to see them until he is up close to them. With the correct introduction at OAS, Sol could potentially live with a calm and good natured dog.

What Sol needs from his Forever Home

Sol is looking for new owners that can take the time to get to know him and provide him with his first proper home. He needs new owners that understand how to manage a dog with limited sight and hearing so that he can adapt to his new environment. Potential adopters must be prepared that Sol may take a little longer to transition to home life, so will need plenty of patience.

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