Sol has become known for being interested in everybody’s business, as well as being extremely clumsy! He has begun settling down in his foster home. We’re finding that having a routine is helping to calm his puppy curiosity! Each day he sleeps more, watching everyone from his blanket on the sofa, and is happy for a few hours at a time.

Sol loves to play in the garden, and will rope anyone he can into playing with him by leaning against their legs and nudging them with his toy of choice. He has slowly got the hang of fetch but prefers to play tug of war!

Sol has always been good when walking on the lead, however each walk he improves, responding to ‘leave it’, ‘come on’, and ‘wait’ before crossing the road. He is a fast walker, always interested in what is ahead and will happily forget what was behind for what is in front. Each dog that passes is a possible playmate for Sol! We judge the owner’s reaction as to what to say to Sol, normally allowing a quick sniff and then moving on.

Sol has the potential to be a wonderful companion as he has settled so quickly and easily, and for his sake we would like him to find his forever home as soon as possible because he has so much love to give!

Sol is around 22-23″ at his shoulder.

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