Hi, I am Sophie @ForeverHoundsUK I am just a baby at just shy of a year old and I have boundless energy. I ADORE everyone, everything and find it all just SOOOOO exciting – don’t you? Huh Huh????… Whilst I am only little, I do pack a punch – exciting things do come in smaller packages don’t they! I need exercise, some training classes and perhaps stuff to keep my wonderfully inquisitive brain occupied. I am very, very bright and very, very quick to learn!
Do you enjoy running? I think I would. Do you enjoy long walks? I think I would. Do you have a happy busy home, with other dogs (big or small) who like a game? I think I would like that too! I can live with small or big dogs, children too would be great but as I am a little excitable, perhaps ones over the age of 10, so they can help with my training.
I have lived in a home all of my 11 months, so I am house trained and I was used to living with a Staffie and a Mini Yorkie – as demonstrated by my picture! I miss being in a home terribly and it would my greatest wish to be with my new family and open presents with you on Christmas Day. I promise not to eat the paper!
Home me TODAY! Go on, you know you want to. J

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