Young and full of life, these puppies are looking for their forever homes. There are two boys, and two girls all with distinctly different personalises. They have unknown parentage but we know Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but the rest is a mystery but we suspect the puppies are going to end up being medium to large breed. Because of their potential size we are looking for homes with children over 10 years, and a home ready for a large dog or breed savy. They could live with another dog if it was right the right dog, and they would need to meet before being reserved. Any dog that is already in the home needs to be neutered, and well mannered. They will need plenty of exercise once old enough, and homes where they won’t be left for long periods alone. Anyone wanting to take a puppy on needs to commit to the training they require, and be ok with typical puppy chewing, peeing and costs. The rescue requires them to be neutered, and each puppy will leave with a voucher to do so. They are currently in foster learning about everyday life, and new things but we want them in forever homes to bond to their family. Because they are going to be large boisterous dogs anyone wanting to adopt one of the puppies needs to see our dog trainer, Kathryn for a one to one session at the centre, and then one in the home once the puppy has settled in. We want the best for our puppies, and keeping them in the best home possible is our priority. Anyone interested in them needs to ring the centre to come up fill in an adoption form, and arrange to meet the puppies. Anyone not committed to visiting the puppies on multiple occasions before adoption will not be considered.

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