Silly Sully is a very sweet natured and curious boy. Even though Sully is a sighthound he likes exploring things with his nose too, he is always trying to find new things to sniff.

With a bit of encouragement he will jump in a boot and sit ready for you to close it.

Sully does seem to know some commands with some hand gestures such as a tap on the ground for ground, he doesn’t snatch treats but will gently take them from you when offered.

Sully does need to learn some manners on a lead though, if he sees another dog he can be a bit vocal towards them. We are already working with him and using the ‘leave it’ command while continuing to walk, this has been working well. Other than this one issue he is a perfect gent on the lead.

He would be suitable to live on his own or with another dog, to help him burn off some energy. Sully has been cat tested and we think he would be suitable to live with dog savvy cats.

Due to his gentleness and sweet temperament we feel he would be able to live with children 5 years old or older. And who could say no to those puppy dog eyes!

Sully is about 3 years old and 18-20 inches at his shoulder.

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