Handsome Teddy is very playful and loving, always giving kisses and looking for fuss. He can be a little shy and has sadly come into the Centre as his owner could no longer care for him. He is a very energetic lad with a cheeky personality, enjoying tummy rubs and seeking attention. He has lived a pampered life, keeping knees warm, travelling in the car and being groomed daily.

Teddy would love an older teenage home, possibly with another compatible dog but they would have to be female. He does not enjoy the company of cats or smaller animals and would require an owner that is at home for the majority of the day.

Teddy enjoys his walks but has no recall so would need to be kept on the lead when out. He can be vocal on his walks which is common for the smaller breeds. He would need daily grooming and a visit to the parlour every 2 months to keep his fur maintained. He would need a patient owner who is happy to gradually increase his leave time as he does suffer from separation anxiety.

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