Who doesn’t love a white and black dog (I have one, so I may be a little bit biased) – they are pure joy and Thomas is no exception! Their markings are often referred to as ‘cowprint’ and Thomas is one of 4 special cowboys we have at the moment but boy is he one of the greatest!
Thomas (Tom to his chums) is full of fun and a real character! He loves people and enjoys fuss and attention. He is just 4 years old, so you have masses of time to enjoy life with this very special chap. He also has great fun playing with his toys, especially footballs. Thomas is generally laid back and walks nicely on the lead, although he can become a little excited by small running things. Thomas will need to be kept on-lead and muzzled on walks but is highly manageable and can be distracted with some tasty treats – or his football!
Thomas enjoys the company of other sighthounds but finds other dogs breeds quite startling and exciting. This is perfectly normal for a greyhound that has spent 4 years only seeing other greyhounds and he will soon learn that his species come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Thomas needs an adult home with perhaps some older teenagers to play and interact with (ones that don’t mind deflated footballs….). He is such a fun chap and thrives on human company, he really will make a fantastic family pet.
So please come and join our Cowboy Club! Thomas would love to become a part of your herd and ride off in to the sunset with you. ENQUIRE NOW!

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