Hey, ‘Almighty Thor’ here, strong, handsome and a true warrior to look at. Obviously deep down I am a real gentle giant who is very loyal to his owner and loves a good natter. Brains as well as beauty is what I have been blessed with on top of a pair of cracking legs that most women would die for! I do have a softer side where I enjoy playing with my toys and having cuddles. I will happily entertain myself if left too long and try my hand at DIY, sadly I still have to master this skill.

I thrive on being kept busy and active, enjoying rides out in the car so we can explore the hills of the Peak District and set up camp by the fire. I do try and earn my keep by helping around the house, no side is left unclean after meal time and I would consider living with another like minded warrior canine for companionship or even older teenage children who I could train up well.

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