My name is Tia and I came to Senior Staffy Club from the scary pound place.

They don’t know how old I am but I told them I think I might be about 10 or 11.

I’m not an oldie oldie though. I have quite a spring in my little steps and I really love a

nice long walk.

I have met a male doggy friend at the kennels I am at and we got along fine so it’s possible I

might be able to live with a dog, but I would definitely need to check them out myself

by meeting them and see what I thought.

I had really bad ears when I first came in. The vet said its been many months if not years

of untreated infections. I am a pretty good girl though and let the vet mess about with me.

My ears are still a bit sore but they’re on the mend now thank goodness.

I pull a bit on the lead when we first go out as I love getting out for walks.

But I do calm down once I’ve been out a while. I love my walks and can be out as long as you like really.

I get in the SSC van without any issues. I am a little bit vocal when travelling but who doesn’t love a little sing song in the car hey!

I haven’t met any cats yet but if you have some please let my Auntie Charlene know and she

will try and test me out with some to see if I like them. I am really friendly and love cuddling and giving kisses. I even try to kiss the vet!

So I think I will be ok with little humans too, but would prefer them to be a little older as I’m getting on a bit now and need my

peace and quiet.

Could you be my family? If you want anymore information about me please call my friend

Charlene, her number is below, or fill in the application form and she will call you.

I promise to give you lots of cuddles and kisses.

Lots of love
Tiny Tia xxx

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