“Tigger is truly a one in million dog, and I’m not just saying that! During the time he lived with us, Tigger went from shy and cautious to loving, confident, funny and curious. I’ve never been able to say this about another, but he is truly ‘dog’ on ‘extra easy mode!’, he has a heart of gold and will always try to please, and is the most gentle soul. He never caused any trouble, and as long is there is comfy place to snuggle he is most content all day long! He adores his walks and gives you a real sense of pride when walking him, he doesn’t pull and walks beautifully by your side, welcoming any dog (tiny or giant!) with a kind wag and then walking straight on with no hassle. He is a quick learner, and although at first he wasn’t sure how to get into the car and on the seat, after just two times of practising he now jumps straight in and loves his car journeys, especially with his head a bit out the window! He is also very responsive and a calm but firm ‘no’ has been plenty enough to let him know if I don’t want him to do something eg sniff towards my food.

In the house Tigger is nothing short of perfect. He is not clingy and is more than happy to stay in his bed all night long whether it is near you or in a different room. Tigger is house trained in every sense, isn’t destructive at all and was toilet trained by using routine going-out times which worked brilliantly. He is fine to be left for working day hours and is content to snooze for most of the day! He loves fluffy toys and I would often see him in the morning throwing his fluffy bone excitedly in the air and wildly pouncing on it, ears and tail flailing about in joy, especially when he thought no one was watching! This is a real funny, playful side to him that has shown more and more over time the more confident he has gotten with us, so I expect it will only grow and is so lovely to see. Tigger adores his cuddles and seems to get great reassurance from snuggling his head into your chest, and the more you fuss and scratch the more he relaxes, and will even give you his paw to ask for more!

Tigger is a sensitive, gentle soul. For this reason he is ideal to live with another dog which I found gave him reassurance and confidence, and is best suited to a quiet home with soft-spoken people. He is sometimes anxious and sensitive around loud voices and noises in the house, especially if he is not sure where it’s coming from and will show this by freezing or hiding in his bed, so would benefit from a home with understanding adults only and his own bed/space to escape to if there are lots of guests or a busy atmosphere. We have no idea what he is like with cats- although he has shown interest in fast moving squirrels, he is fine with tiny dogs so I wouldn’t completely rule out that he could be cat-workable.

Overall Tigger has been a dream dog, and is certainly a dog that will rescue you rather than the other way around! He is extremely rewarding as a companion and does not ask for much in return, just a warm bed, gentle walks, food and cuddles. Watching him bloom into a funny and confident character has been wonderful, and given time to settle he is an incredible dog that anyone is lucky to enjoy the company of.”

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