Tilley is a female Staffordshire bull terrier whose owner unfortunately died. She was very distressed at the passing of her owner and did not want to leave his side. She was home all alone before we managed to get her placed in boarding kennels where she is safe.

You may notice that Tilley has swollen eyes. This is because she didn’t want to leave her owner when the Police found her so a Dog handler sprayed her with Citronella spay in her face to calm her. Now she may have permanent damage due to the burning of the spray. She is being treated by the vets and we will keep everyone updated on her progress.

Tilley absolutely adores being in the company of humans and gets very excited when going out on walks! She loves to curl up on the sofa and sleep on your bed! She is OK being left alone for short periods.

She could be rehomed with other dogs with a slow introduction.

Tilly is currently in a loving foster home waiting for her forever home.

Please contact the rescue if you are interested in adopting.

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