Toby looks like a German Shepherd in colouring but he is tiny, about the size of a Westie! Poor little guy, he was bought as a puppy by a family with children, but when he was about six months old and the novelty had worn off, he was just shut outside to spend his days sad and lonely in the back yard, until he was eventually too much bother to even feed and care for, so was given into rescue. This was terrifying for Toby as for months he had never seen another dog, so the rescue has been working very hard to get him confident around his own species. He is now fine with other dogs, but has no interest in interacting with them, and for that reason we want him to have a home as an “only dog”. Toby absolutely loves people, however, and will need a home where he has company most of the time. Although Toby was raised with children, and loves young people, we are looking for a home with children over 10 years. We feel this sweet little chap has been sidelined for too much of his young life, and so needs a home where his needs can be a priority. We would like to place him with someone who is used to terriers and enjoys their cheeky temperament, and someone who will get straight on with the training he has missed out. He is a super fun guy who has had a deprived youth but is ready to move on and enjoy his life.

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