Toby @HomelessHounds is 8 years old and is looking for his forever home with someone who will take the time to listen and understand him. An experienced collie home would be ideal for this lovely boy.
Toby asks for very little, if he could write his own profile I’m sure his priority list would be tennis balls, lots of walks and a quiet area to relax.
Toby loves his walks so much he squeals with excitement when he sets off. He has the most adorable wiggle as he walks and will keep walking as long as you let him! Toby can pull on a shorter lead however on a longer lead you barely know he is there. He happily walks ahead of you taking in the sights and occasionally turning back to check you’re still there. Toby will wait patiently at the curb then skip in excitement across the road as you set off again.
Toby adores playing ball. He has lovely manners with his ball and will ‘drop’ on request. If he hasn’t brought the ball quite to your feet he will when asked return to his ball and bring it closer.
Toby hasn’t been allowed on furniture in his previous home – his owners have now moved away. He doesn’t jump up and hasn’t been allowed in bedrooms so is respectful within the home. Toby is also house trained and believed to be dog friendly. He certainly hasn’t shown any negative reaction to other dogs since being with HH.
Toby enjoys his own space. He is a placid boy who will happily take himself off to a quiet area or lie down in the sunshine relaxing. Toby responds to both men and women though he does seem to have a preference for men.
Toby can be vocal in terms of him telling you when he has had enough. He prefers attention on his own terms and will come to you for a tummy tickle if he chooses to. If Toby doesn’t want to be fussed he will say so by giving a grumble.
Toby has shown some signs of food aggression with treats in a home environment though in kennels this has not presented itself.
Toby isn’t used to travelling in a car so is reluctant to get in at first but once in he travels calmly and lies down. Toby hasn’t had much pampering and isn’t too keen on being brushed though he will tolerate gentle brushing for short periods.
Toby will without doubt be a loving loyal dog to the right person. He very much needs someone who will be patient with him, listen to him and give him the time and space that he enjoys. Toby needs a quiet home and would not be suitable to live with children. He could possibly live with another dog with careful introductions, as far as we know Toby has never lived with cats.
Toby is a lovable boy who really does love the simple things in life and deserves so much more.
To adopt Toby, please complete our online adoption application form and we will be in touch. We welcome applications from the North West but unfortunately we are unable to consider applications from further afield. Thank you
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