Toby is a 4 year old lurcher cross. A very loving boy who likes loads of attention and loves being around other people! He will welcome anybody into the home with lots of tail wagging and attempted kisses. He does have a habit of jumping up onto you because he gets that excited.
He’s good on a lead but is very nosy so needs the occasional encouraging tug to pull him away from something that may have caught his eye or nose. Although he doesn’t often pull, if he gets sight of a ball he may try to chase it so may not be great for either elderly people or children to walk him. When passing other dogs he is fine however when they get too close he doesn’t like it and will try a defensive snap. I think this may be something that in time, will go away if socialised correctly.
He’s house trained well although is very energetic so will need somebody who likes a bit of a longer walk to get out some of his energy. Along with this he’s playful, but gentle in the way he does it. He’s not destructive in the slightest and has never attempted to chew any of our furniture.
Just like any other dog he loves his food and can get very giddy when it’s feeding time. He’s a very clever dog who I think would be easily trainable using food as a reward. You may have to close your kitchen door when not around as like I say he’s very clever and if your bin opens easily, he will get in! Another note to add to this is we have caught him on the furniture but he will not do it in the same room as you, only when left alone and will slyly jump off if he hears you coming.
He doesn’t seem to like fire so think he would be best in a non smoking household.
Overall Toby is a great natured dog who will do well if you give him the attention he desires. Toby doesn’t like cats.
Vaccinated and neutered. Now just needs a forever home.

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