Trevor is a very large boy looking for an experienced home. He is a super friendly boy who is always wanting to greet everyone he sees with a non stop waggy tail. He does know some basic commands and will sit really nicely to earn a treat however he does need to continue with his basic training.

Trevor is starting to learn to walk on a lead and does need some training to teach him how to walk calmly, we are currently walking him on a cani collar that he is responding very well to.

He is a very strong boy who would need an active home that can manage his size and strength. Trevor lacks manners in the house and will need to learn how to settle calmly inside the home, while outside he needs lots of space to run around and burn off some energy.

Trevor would be fine with another dog as long as their play style match and we would need to do multiple introductions. He can be full on and plays typically like a Mastiff and likes to wrestle! Due to Trevor’s size and boisterous nature he would need a home without children as he can be very clumsy and could accidently knock them over. He is housetrained and would be best suited to a home where he won’t be left home alone for too long as he will chew things that don’t belong to him.

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