Trevor and Sasha


This adorable pair are father and daughter and can be a little shy at first but soon come alive when cuddles and fuss are involved. They have come back into the Centre due to their owner no longer being able to care for them and are so sweet and loving. Trevor is more laid back and independent than his daughter and enjoys pottering about keeping his daughter in line. Sasha is more affectionate and loves to curl up with both her carer and Trevor. She loves to give kisses and both want to stay together and are looking for a new home.

Both could possibly live with other compatible animals and can be left for part of the day. They would enjoy to live with teenage children and travelling in the car.

Both would need regular grooming due to their coats and enjoy their walks. Trevor could possibly be going deaf due to his age and will need a joint supplement just to ease stiffness in his legs. Both have been learning hand signals as well as target and shape training.

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