Valentine is a great fun girl with a joyful nature. She is just a fabulous dog and a bit of a favourite at the kennels. She has the most endearing expressions which in turn makes her a master manipulator. It’s very hard to say no to Valentine!
She enjoys the company of dogs, she has great games with Major Tom, she likes to throw her toys about and can entertain herself quite happily.
She is a dog who loves the company of people but has an independent nature all the same and is happy to do her own thing too.
She is clean in her kennel, which should be a good indication for how she might be in a home. And she is progressing nicely with her training.
Valentine is a dog who gets noticed wherever she goes, because she not only looks striking with her heart-shaped head, but she makes friends easily and you can read it on her face.
She needs to be met in person to be appreciated.

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