Vogue & Malachai


Vogue and Malachai are both young Malamute x dogs, aged just one and two years respectively – still just juvenile big puppies rather than fully matured. They have sadly had to come into us for re-homing due to an unexpected change in their owner`s circumstances. They have been much loved and well cared for – and are very strongly bonded as a pair.

Vogue and Malachai are both intelligent and active dogs. They love to play, love their toys, love to run, love the beech. They are good with other dogs and have been used to living with confident cats. They have good obedience and can be let off lead once they have bonded with you. They travel well and are quite adaptable to new situations. Provided they have each other for company they do not mind being left for a few hours so would be ok with owners who have to work part-time. They have been used to benefitting from plenty of exercise and plenty of training which is crucial to their physical and emotional well being.

Like most Malamutes this pair have strong personalities and very much know their own minds! They respond really well to positive training and are incredibly loyal once they have bonded. They will need an active, thinking home who are used to strong, intelligent dogs and enjoy all the challenges and rewards that this brings. They are a fabulous pair, a credit to their former owner and will be a joy to own.

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