• Walnut is an older dark brindle lurcher girl (we think whippet x grey possibly) who came to us from the pound after being found straying and covered in scars with a mouth full of rotten loose teeth. She had 20 teeth removed and now has a clean bill of health.
  • She is estimated at around 7-8 years old and stands 24 inches to the shoulder.
  • Walnut is a truly fabulous dog, she is loving, well behaved and mild mannered. She is a typical sighthound…lazy! However she does loves walks and playing zoomies, although she can be a bit clumsy sometimes.
  • She is a nosey girl and likes to know what her humans are doing and join in if possible.
  • Walnut is not keen on bangs for example corks or gunfire – they worry her and she will seek solace from her foster mum if she gets startled.
  • Her foster mum says she is a dream dog and she makes her smile and laugh every day.
  • She will need a garden with a high fence – she can jump 5-6ft with ease although she is not motivated to escape – more likely to get back to you if you go out!
  • Her recall is not bad if there are no distractions and she knows a number of commands including ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’, ‘come’ and ‘off’.
  • She is totally housetrained and will ask to go out.
  • Walnut shows no interest in wildlife but may try to chase a cat if she was give the chance. She is also fine around bigger livestock and horses onlead.
  • She is in foster with other smaller dogs and has been happy to live with them – she has no issues at feeding time and is happy meeting dogs out and about.
  • Walnut could happily live with dog savvy kids of most ages and she loves everyone she meets.
  • She is really a people dog and loves to have people around as much as possible – she is doing well when left now and can be left happily for a few hours.
  • All in all she is a very easy and relaxed dog who loves her home comforts and family.
  • Walnut is in foster near Morpeth in Northumberland


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