Watson is a very handsome Standard Schnauzer. He was rehomed 3 months ago after the previous family who had him since a pup could no longer keep him. He was taken on by somebody who had his litter brother. All has been OK until recently when the two brothers have decided they no longer like each other much and have started fighting. The family have taken the heartbreaking decision to rehome him as it is not fair or safe for the two brothers to live together anymore – this is not an easy decision as they love him so much, but it is the right decision for Watson and his brother. Watson is a lovely boy, very friendly and loving – a typical Standar Schnauzer! Anybody wishing to adopt him will need to read up on the breed to make sure they understand what they are taking on – they are not for the feint hearted, they are not couch potatoe dogs and need a very active and stimulating lifestyle. We feel it is probably best to home him as an ‘only dog’ in view of recent events, but when he is out he is OK with other dogs, perhaps he’s just not keen on sharing his human! Schnauzers need regular grooming to keep their coat looking gorgeous, so his adopters need to be aware he will need regular trips to the groomer, probably aprox. four times a year.

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