Hey I’m ‘Wendy Darling’ and came into the Centre very worried and scared of the world but with the time and patience from the staff I am starting to realise life can be fun and people are really caring. I am still a little unsure of new things but slowly my confidence is building and I am wanting the fuss and attention from my carers. I have even started to approach for a quick kiss and a sneaky cuddle. I do enjoy gathering my toys up and placing them in a nice neat pile, knowing where each one is.

I enjoy learning new things and making new friends. Anyone with food soon becomes my best friend and I love to keep myself entertained with a peanut butter Kong. My confidence does grow with another dog so I must have a play friend in my new home and I am at my happiest around calm older teenage children. I am not too comfortable with loud noises so preparations must be made around Firework time but generally I enjoy my own company for part of the day.

Please contact the Centre on 01455 888257 for more information on me.

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