Woody is a gorgeous lurcher who was taken to shepton vets after being found as a stray with a broken leg. We have been fundraising to pay for the surgery to woodys leg as the council would only have covered the cost of euthanasia. After a big operation woody is recovering really well.

Woody is about 10 months old. He is shy with new people but is gaining in confidence all the time. He is particularly scared of men to begin with but fine once he trusts them. With people he knows and trusts Woody is convinced he is a lap dog (despite his size!)and has loads of love to give. Woody is a big bouncy puppy at heart, loves his toys and playing with his dog friends – although he is not meant to be doing too much playing whilst his leg heals – keeping him still can be difficult at the moment!

Woody is going to need full training as he has received very little in his life so far but he is a quick learner and eager to please, so will need owners who enjoy teaching their dogs. He loves other dogs and will need to live with a doggy friend as he gets a huge amount of confidence from having a permanent doggy buddy. He will be ok to be left for a few hours with his doggy friend, provided he canb e introduced to this slowly. Woody would not be able to be rehomed with small animals.

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