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Zac is a very affectionate, gentle dog who will steal your heart. He has a charming smile, warm personality and is really intelligent and quick to learn. He shows great promise in obedience training and has good recall. He absolutely loves cuddles but is very polite about it, Zac will gently nuzzle you or place his paw on your arm to ask for more affection! He gets on well with people, children and the other dogs in his foster home and provides the house with much fun and laughter. He can’t wait to bring joy to a family of his own!

Zac is around 6 or 7 years old, medium sized and a lovely golden colour with a perfect pink nose.  He can be a nervous around strangers and dogs on-lead, so his fosterers are working on building his confidence and he is improving steadily. Zac would be best suited for a rural location where he can roam without bumping into strangers constantly and he will need a confident and caring adopter who will continue with his training and acclimatisation. Zac gets a lot of reassurance from the other dogs in his foster home, so would be best homed with another confident resident dog. 

Zac was saved from terrible conditions in a public shelter at Codlea, Romania. He then stayed in a Romanian shelter until he got his ticket to the UK. He was fully vaccinated, flea-treated, wormed and microchipped before travelling. He is a ready-made family member just waiting for his family to find him!

Interested? Please fill out a (no-obligation) application form. Zac would be so grateful.


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