Maisie is a stunning, medium to large sized, German Shepherd X Husky. She came into the Sanctuary due to to not getting along with the other dog in the household. Her previous owner kindly took her home as she was going to be put to sleep by her original owner. She is a beautiful natured girl who is very friendly, loving and affectionate and loves a good fuss! She enjoys playing with toys! She is a very active dog who will need lots of exercise and stimulation on a daily basis. Maisie has a good knowledge of her basic commands and knows sit, stay, paw and roll over; she also walks very nicely on the lead and very rarely pulls. Her recall does need improvement so therefore we recommend training classes; Huskies have a tendency to not come back when called so this is a common issue! Maisie is comfortable walking alongside other dogs on lead but can be a little snappy and dominant at times so we are looking for her to be the only dog in the household. She has a strong prey/chase drive due to her Husky breeding so she will not be able to live with cats, livestock or any other animals; the temptation to chase them will be too strong! Maisie hasn’t lived with children but she is so friendly that we feel that she will be able to live with older children who are used to lively, bouncy dogs. Maisie is a gorgeous, lovable, affectionate dog who will make a fantastic companion! If you feel you could offer Maisie a loving forever home please come to the Sanctuary and meet her.

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