7 year old Skipper came in to WARS as his owner could no longer care for him. He is currently out on foster with two of our volunteers but is still looking for his forever home. Skipper does suffer from Epilepsy which means he does need medication 3 times a day. The medication does keep his condition under control however he can, on the odd occasion, suffer from a fit, so he will need a family who are able to deal with this. Due to his condition he does at times feel a little vulnerable around other dogs so he needs to be the only dog in the home. A family who is also around for a good amount of the day is preferred. Skipper is a very gentle, sensitive boy who could brighten up anyone’s day with his loving, happy nature. He’s very affectionate, loves cuddles and enjoys keeping his humans company. He’s also super cat friendly and loves snoozing in the sunshine with the cat he’s currently sharing a home with.
A quiet rural home with plenty of garden space would be ideal for Skipper as he loves spending time outdoors playing with tennis balls and keeping an eye out for passing planes. While out on walks he is fantastic on the lead and enjoys being fussed by anyone who wants to say hello. This lovely boy who makes so many people smile deserves the very best home. Some of the photos above were taken with his foster carers.

Ideal Home

Skipper will need a nice quiet home with a family who are willing to handle his Epilepsy. He will need plenty of garden space and a rural home would be ideal for him. Whilst he is dog friendly, due to his condition it would be preferable if he was the only dog, but could live with a cat.

Breed Description

Typically Border Collie require a good amount of daily exercise and mental stimulation. They are an intelligent breed and can be demanding and playful. Some Collies can be quite neurotic in the home. Skipper is not a typical Border Collie.

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