Toto is a very special boy who needs an extremely lovely home where the work of his fosterer will be continued. He was originally a stray, hanging around in a remote rural area so had most likely been abandoned. Despite every attempt to catch him and get him to safety, he just would not come near anyone, and with lambs in the surrounding fields, and farmers threatening to shoot him, the local animal warden took the decision to trap him, literally to save his life. This being done, she found she had a sweet but very traumatised dog, so she took him into her own home to foster. She has spent a lot of time restoring Toto’s confidence, taking him out and about with her, and now, several weeks later, he is a much happier dog, ready to go to a permanent loving home. Toto is great with other dogs, and enjoys their company. He is now coming to like and trust people too, which is quite remarkable after all he has been through, and his new owner will need to help him continue this process. For this reason we would not wish to place him with children under 12 or where children frequently visit as at the moment he would find their normal noisy play a bit scary! As with any dog of his age, he has a lot to learn about life, so dog training classes, and general lifestyle training will be essential. He will need company most of the time.

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