Zac is a gorgeous, medium sized, Springer Spaniel. He came into the Sanctuary due to his owner finding it difficult to cope with his nervous behaviour. Zac and his brother had originally been rescued from an abusive situation and had lived in unsuitable conditions. He is a very nervous boy who is unsure and wary of new people; any potential owner must be willing to come up to the Sanctuary and meet him numerous times until Zac is comfortable enough to be touched and handled. We believe his nervousness is due to his terrible treatment in his original home. Once you have gained his trust, he is a very friendly, lively, loving lad who enjoys being with people and having lots of cuddles and fuss! We are looking for owners who are experienced with dogs, preferably working breeds such as Collies and/or Springers. Zac would need a very active home, with lots of exercise in order to expend his energy; he loves to play with tennis balls and will bring them back and drop them at your feet to be thrown again! He has limited knowledge of his basic commands and knows sit and drop it; we strongly recommend that he attends training classes as this will stimulate him physically and mentally and help with his confidence issues. He can pull on the lead at times and can be strong. Although we were informed that Zac wasn’t good with dogs, we have found him to enjoy socialising with other dogs in our field, both male and female; he is friendly and respectful, but we feel it would be better for Zac to be an only dog in his new home so he can receive the one to one attention he needs. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be able to live with cats as he would enjoy chasing them! Zac is used to visiting children in his previous home and could live with older, sensible children who have experience of living with nervous dogs and can respect his space. Zac is a beautiful boy who has a lot of potential and is very affectionate and loving once he has got to know you. If you feel you can offer Zac a loving, forever home please come to the Sanctuary and meet him.

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