Dogs for Adoption RSS Feeds

Any of the dogs added on the Rescue Dogs website can be automatically shared via RSS, for example, to share the dogs to Twitter or Facebook.   The dogs shared will automatically include a picture.  RSS feeds will only share each dog once when added on the site, they are not repeatedly shared via RSS.

First you need to be able to get an RSS feed for the dogs you want to share.

To get the RSS feed for dogs by dog rescue, breed, region, county or age, just choose the category or locate the page with the dogs you want to share dogs from, and add /feed at the end of the url in the address bar for the page.

Example feeds:

Dogs for Adoption in Yorkshire & Humberside:

Dogs for Adoption in West Midlands:

Staffordshire Bull Terriers for Adoption:

Dogs for Adoption in Kent:

Senior Dogs for Adoption:

Dogs for Adoption at Rescue Remedies:

All Dogs for Adoption at Rescues:

To get advanced RSS feeds by search criteria:

Go to the search page of the website:

Enter the criteria you want for the RSS feed, and hit the Search button at the bottom of the page.

Add on the end of the url in the address bar &feed=rss2 and press enter (note the url will reformat when you press enter)

Example feeds:

Senior Staffies & Staffie Crosses for Adoption:

Large dogs in South East:®ion=south-east&silverghyll_tpicker=dog-size%3Dlarge%21and%21region%3Dsouth-east

Now you know how to get RSS feeds for ANY or ALL dogs from this database / website, all you need to know now is how to share them.  There are many services you could use, I recommend:

Going to:

Set up an account, Click create new feed:

Enter a name to identify the feed to you, and underneath enter the RSS address of the feed:


Then click on Advanced Settings:

Twitterfeed advanced

The main thing you want to look at on this page is the update frequency, and the number of posts made each time.  You probably only want to make one post at a time, and may want to set a longer interval between posting of the dogs, maybe 2-3 hours, depending on how many dogs you want to share and how you use your social media accounts you are going to share the dogs to.

The only other thing you may want to change is the prefix or suffix for the post.  For example if you wanted to mention the twitter account of us along with the tweets at the end, you would add in the post Suffix box ‘via @UKRescueDogs’. Or for example, you may want to add a post prefix, such as a hashtag like ‘#INeedaHome’

On the next page, you configure the accounts you want to post to, so you would authorise your twitter and facebook accounts if you want to post to both Twitter & Facebook.  Then just click Done.

Now any new posts we make that match your chosen criteria will be automatically shared to your Facebook / Twitter accounts at the time interval you specified.

I will make this page better in the future, and make it much easier to get an RSS feed without adding anything on the end of the url.  If anybody needs any help setting up automatic sharing of dogs on this website please email.