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Hattie is a 14 month old Beagle cross girl.
We could say she is a well behaved, no problem dog but we can’t lie, she’s not.
She really has the makings of a lovely little dog but she still needs a lot of input. She is a dog that will need a very experienced handler who has lots of time and patience.
Her foster home has been working really hard to calm her down. She is eager to please and is responding well but is still very much work in progress. She now needs her forever ho…me to continue the training. In return they will have a very special little dog.
She loves her walks and needs a very active home but also a home who recognises her brain needs a good workout every day. Another steady dog to show her the way would be perfect.
She is clean in the house, travels well in the car and is happy to sleep in her crate.
We won’t place Hattie in a home where there are children.
If you think you can offer this young lady the perfect experienced home she deserves please contact us by message or email. A homecheck and adoption fee will be required. If you haven’t yet been homechecked by us please complete the form on our website noting our rehoming criteria.

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